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Teeter Success Stories


We hear from countless people like you who have found relief with Teeter – people who are eager to share their own success stories of their journey to a better back and a better body. Here are just a few of our over 3 million satisfied users.

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“It’s actually a bit strange not having any back pain. [Teeter has] made my life better, and I now have a happy husband — we can now do things together on the weekends instead of me spending them in bed with back pain. It’s wonderful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

Carrie A.

“I now only go to the chiropractor every other month or so. I hope that with my continued use of the Teeter that I will be able to stop seeing a chiropractor completely. The device has paid for itself 20-fold already. I highly recommend it.”


“Well, it’s been 30 days. I could have told you on day 3 that you weren’t getting it back.”

David H.

“The Teeter… has transformed my life in so many ways. I have never felt better. I have full use of my back, can do anything I want, even drive all day without getting out of the car doubled over. Quite incredible really. I use it every day.”

Hans V.

“Oh my God, I am totally addicted to mine!!! I absolutely LOVE IT, I can’t imagine what I’d be doing without it?! I’m back to my old self again, at least 95%. I recommend that every household should have one, it’s a must a far as I’m concerned, for your good health.”


“Excellent product! Easy to install, I was using it with fantastic results after the first day. I use it every day at least several times. I always knew that upside down would feel great, I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to get yours. The sturdiness factor is the best too.”


“Let me keep it simple. The Teeter has worked for me. I can now wake in the morning, take a shower, wash my feet, step into my underwear and place my socks on my feet without pain or discomfort. All this with only a few minutes several times a day hanging at 60 degrees.”

Frank P.

“I would see the commercial for the Teeter every night after being awakened from the pain in my lower back. I wondered if the table would deliver relief. To my surprise, the Teeter did everything the gentleman said it would do. I must say, I haven’t felt this much comfort in my back for almost two years.”

Robert. S

Roger Teeter, Founder & Innovator

Bob N., Raleigh, NC

Kevin L., Lake Tapps, WA

Theresa M., South River, NJ

Billi I., Paducah, KY

Suzanne L., Albany, KY

Jay L., Palm Springs, CA

Red Rock Resurfacing Team

Cedrick H., Former Pro Football Player

1st Time Impressions

Alex W.

Cathy S.

Jeff O.

Dae L.

Paul T.

Millie M.

Johnathan G.

Steven J.

Tommy J., MS

Dan G. Billings, MT


Ian Storey